With its vast expanse of land, Hokkaido is blessed with abundant high-quality water, extensive farmland, fishing grounds in three oceans, and rich forest resources accounting for almost a quarter of the total forestland in Japan. The prefecture thus has a wealth of environmentally friendly energy resources, such as wind, biomass and natural gas fields.
    Hokkaido has contributed greatly to the stability and development of the nation as a whole as a center for food supplies, tourism and recreation, while capitalizing on these resources and characteristics of the prefecture and cultivating the frontier spirit – willingness to tackle new challenges – during the course of the history of its development since the Meiji era.
    With the recent rapid economic growth in East Asia, problems with the global environment and energy resources, economic and social impact of a full-scale population decrease, falling birthrates and aging populations, the international community now stands at a major crossroads. Amid all this, the role required of Hokkaido is to lead efforts to develop into a sustainable economic society.
    We hope that you will understand the need for projects implemented with the development of Hokkaido in mind, so that we may advance together based on the future vision of the Hokkaido of introduced in this pamphlet.

Geography of Hokkaido
History of Development in Hokkaido
Administrative Framework
Sequence of Development Plan
National Land Sustainability Plan and Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan
Outline of the New Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan That Will Lead the Era of the Global Environment
Basic Principles for the Promotion of the Plan
Development Funding
Role of the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau
International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau
Organizations Related to Development of Hokkaido
Engineering Development underlying Hokkaido Comprehensive Development
Hokkaido Map (PDFfile 182KB)
Must-have Handbook for Driving in Hokkaido

Leading the Era of the Global Environment The New Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan (PDFfile 193KB)

National Road in HOKKAIDO

Information of the visit to Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau

The New Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan has been released.(PDFfile 4.28MB)

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